Old Thoughts

Life, it goes on…

2 June 2020

Usually at this point of the day we’ve wrapped up Rat Snake setup. I would’ve gone home to grab a shower, some food and back to the park to hang out at my cabin (This year would’ve been an extra treat as our track team was hosting their invitational tonight). This isn’t happening right now. Am I sad? Yes. Will I dwell? No. Ken was pretty Stoic in his approach to things we did together. We either did what we planned on doing or we adapted to what needed to be done. Our time together was simply about getting up, getting after what we could, and never worried about results. We focused on how we would do the process better. The Rat Snake has been 8 years of bliss, hard work, making mistakes, meeting great people, eating great food, drinking great beer, and praying that everyone was accounted for. And every year we’ve tried to learn from the process. This year is a process too, just something different. There’s no race, but what are we doing to make the best of things? The best of today? The best of right now? I learned so much from Ken, and I sometimes ask myself in certain situations, “What would Ken do?” He would probably do/say something to the effect of… shrugging his shoulders ever so slightly saying “Hmm” at the same time, and then saying something like “Go do something hard, no one is stopping you.” Or “Enjoy being stress free!” No matter what he said, it was about being productive and taking a step in SOME direction. Not dwelling on the “we can’t” aspect but the “What are we going to get done instead?” perspective. So I suffered some riding today, and I’ll be out suffering riding tomorrow, because, we can only do what we can. And THAT was what I loved about him. We did what we could because… what else are you going to do??? So don’t dwell, the Rat Snake isn’t going anywhere. If nothing else, you now have more time to train for next year! And for those race veterans out there, hopefully there’s one thing you’ve taken away from your Rat Snake experience: that showing up to test yourself is important, but that you are always showing up in life to test if you are better today than you were yesterday. A race is a great time to do this, but really, so is every day. Take this time to focus a touch more on the process of making a better you. Prove to yourself that no matter what the situation is, you can always do something to improve. Use this time to focus on making the present, positive. Go kill it. #RATSNAKENATION