The USA is an Outlier!

It seems that the US has become an outlier. The problem is we are on the wrong side of the graph when it comes to the COVID pandemic. How can we look at the PLANET and honestly say to ourselves that all the other countries that are opening up with minimal cases are wrong while we’re right… breaking records with positive cases daily? It’s as though we’re that person who argues with EVERYONE always pointing the finger at everyone else for our problems but ourselves. We have become a society of quick fixes. Life hacks. And we haven’t learned a thing. There are no special diets, secret exercises, effective supplements. None. How many of us have dieted for it only to last a few weeks, exercised before we created an excuse, or taken that pill to convince ourselves it’s working when really you see no difference? Or let’s use another example of a quick fix. Social media. We’ve become slaves to that ding, chime, the character in our lock screen, the thumbs up or the heart. We can’t wait to feel the vibration of approval. Is it really? Does it matter? “But it connects the world!” In thought, maybe. And how deep are those thoughts? How representative are these thoughts of reality? How about in feeling? Transcendence? Progression? Aren’t these the things that we wake up for everyday? But In this case, we thought 3 months of mixed messages and half-assed efforts worked.

They didn’t. They never have. There is no hack. You must be diligent and consistent in the long run. I’ve read and listened to all the freedom bullshit. You have never given yourself freedom up to this point anyway with your hacks, why do you think this one will work differently? So why can’t we smoke in bars or public establishments? Why does your surgeon wear a mask and perform the procedure in a sterilized environment instead of the shitter? Why wear a seatbelt? Why don’t we cough in each other’s faces? Why beg for medicine when sick? Why should someone who’s lived healthy and happy for 75 years accept death now because of an age? Survival of the fittest? Sure. So, nature decides you’re fit to survive COVID. Are you fit to lead? Are you fit to love? Are you fit to serve? Are you fit to empathize? Are you fit to legislate? Are you fit to provide? Because if you’re fit to survive COVID and nothing else, where does that leave the world? With people who are fit. Or have access to good health care. Or are rich who can avoid the world and have access to the best healthcare. Or a world of narcissists and sociopaths. Are these the ones that will rise in this survival of the fittest world of the pandemic? Is this really evolving? Imagine this world. With simply the fit. Or the narcissists. Or a combination. Because that’s all I hear. I hear people who don’t care unless it affects them. Now is the time to realize this. The pattern we’re falling into. Self-gratification. We’re connected alright, with virtues as thin as the fiber optic cable they travel through.

We need balance, not COVID survivors. You want freedom? Do what the rest of the world is showing us, that there’s no shortcut to freedom. That life hacks are fake news. That we “shoulda, coulda, and woulda” already been free at this point if we weren’t bored. Satisfied with the state of things when we should never be satisfied. But we’ve evolved into quick fix addicts. The remedy? The cure? The vaccine? RESOLVE. Show some. Our country was built on it. We must continue it. With action. Not clicks. Not fads. Not by running our mouths. By doing what we know, at this point, works… and always will work, toprovide for the COMMON defense, promote the GENERAL Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to OURSELVES.