The Rat Snake Trail Run

2 Lap 5.6 Mile Loop

5.6 mile loop that will be run twice. It starts across the street from the beach front at the entrance of the cabin colony. Follow the paved road up the hill and stay right. At the right angle left turn, look to the right, in that corner is the trail head to Ice Pond. Continue up until you reach the T at the end of the trail just past the pond. Make a right, go about 50 meters and make a left up the trail to Spring Pond. Follow the trail past Spring Pond and continue into the woods. Following the trail down the hill to the main trail that brings you to the Lake of Twin Fawns by making a right. Follow the trail up a slight hill and down the other side. When you reach the bottom, you should see the lake on your left and begin a sustained climb. This trail goes about a mile back to the cabin colony. When you reach the pavement, make a right and follow it out to the main road, make a left on it. Take the main road for about 100 meters and on your right you will see a sign marked “Trail to Hilltop” and make a right onto it. This trail snakes up to the highest point of the park. When you reach the top, you then see pavement again and make a left on it and stay left. Soon you will see a sign for the Briggs Pavilion. You will run straight by it, bearing left off the pavement and head down this steep path. Then you will come to a road, cross straight over it and continue downt the trail until you meet the main loop trail around Gilbert Lake, make a right and run straight through the front porch of Briggs Pavilion. Continue to follow the trail around the lake bearing left and start climbing a slight rise. Soon into the climb, the trail will Y, you will continue up and to the right towards the Large Shelter. Pass by the shelter and follow the paved driveway down the hill, past the frisbee golf course to the road. Make a left when you reach the road and go a couple tenths. You will soon see a service road on your left, take it. Go down the path and connect back onto the the main Gilbert Lake loop trail to the right. Follow that to the beach front, run on the cement sidewalk, look for your fuel in the special needs “U” in the railing, continue past bathhouse, and make a right turn up the cement sidewalk and bear left on the paved foot path towards the unloading parking lot and follow the sidewalk to the start of the race. Continue as per the beginning, and run the loop again.

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